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Endurance Line

Endurance Line® Innovation in detail


The Endurance Line® range consists of over 200 different products and is availablefor most popular applications.

With the special TENIFER® QPQ procedure, which is also used in aviation as well as the automotive industry, and other high-tech improvements, suspension parts are finished into real premium products. These parts are characterised by safety, a long service life and precision and also guarantee that you have a clear competitive edge.

Endurance Line® finished suspension parts differ considerably from conventional aftermarket standard designs in terms of quality. For example, the ball pin is one of the most heavily loaded components of any ball joint. Endurance Line® ball pins are nitro-carbonated in an environmentally friendly way in a salt bath according to the patented TENIFER® QPQ procedure to increase resistance to corrosion, wear and fatigue. As every ball stud is mainly subject to stress due to bending, the special TENIFER® treatment of the Endurance Line® significantly increases both the rotating bending fatigue strength and also the resistance to corrosion. This has been confirmed using evidence from DIN tests. (Salt spray test according to DIN 50021 and permanent immersion trials according to DIN 50905/part 4.) The following chart (see fig.) convincingly demonstrates the advantage Endurance Line® TENIFER®-QPQ finished ball studs have over untreated parts.

Excellent sliding and running characteristics as well as high resistance to wear (tribology) are the most important characteristics of TENIFER®-treated ball studs from the Endurance Line® range. In addition, friction and wear are also greatly reduced using an excellent high-performance lubricant from Castrol. With low temperature characteristics of -40°C and a maximum temperature of +140°C, the lubricating grease specially developed by Castrol is clearly more resilient than conventionally used lubricating greases and also has outstanding elastomer compatibility. The stick-slip effect (breakaway torque) is greatly reduced by the material-optimised ball socket, and this significantly increases the lifespan of the joint and also eliminates unpleasant snarling noises. The very high friction temperatures that occur mean that the socket material is generally the weakest link in the case of ball and suspension joints. Another factor to be considered with these parts, which are very often installed close to the brakes, is the temperature emitted from the brake discs and linings. The difference between Endurance Line® suspension parts compared to a lot of aftermarket qualities is also very clear here.

Conventionally used plastic bearing shells are manufactured from polyoxymethylene (POM). This material is cost-effective and cheap. The disadvantage is that it has a low temperature resistance. The material starts to yield even under loads of approx +80°C. This unacceptable elasticity causes an extreme increase in backlash and the premature malfunction of the component. Endurance Line

The difference with Endurance Line®: In this case, POM-A plastics are processed that are designed for a significantly higher temperature range and therefore always guarantee that the component will function without problem, even in higher temperature ranges. These innovative improvements are topped off by the smooth running of the sealing system of the sleeve and its clamping rings. This system has the particular task of protecting the suspension parts from damp, dust, dirt particles, stone-chipping and other influences. The CR sealing bellows from Freudenberg (CFW)which are used meet these demands very well. The ozone resistance of the CFW dust cover is significantly better than the NBR quality (aftermarket quality) and is less susceptible to tearing. It is particularly suited for both the static and dynamic sealing of the components and stands out due to its durability. This also guarantees the dimensional stabi-lity at the function-related sealing points when installed. Endurance Line® suspension parts are more economical, safer and are characterised by their extended service life. The suspension parts from the Endurance Line® series are, as a result, amongst some of the most unique premium products in this segment and set the benchmark in terms of quality.